I don’t know who is wrong … Menna Arafa will sing and her voice is not sweet, as she admits


The artist, “Menna Arafa”, added that a second and third part is expected to be presented in the series “Ambulance Younis”, which is starring the artist, “Mohamed Anwar”, noting that filming began in the second part after Ramadan.

And she added, through a telephone intervention on the program “8 Subh”, which is broadcast on Tuesday through the “DMC” channel, that there is a big surprise through the second part of the series “Ambulance Younis”, indicating that her character in the series is new, by embodying Doctor character in comic style.

new song:

She explained that she is presenting a new song from the words of “Nasreddin Naji” and the distribution and melodies of “Islam Rifaat”, and she is filming it soon, remarking, “I sing, but my voice is not sweet..and this song is far from the ritual and I am very enthusiastic and very afraid of all people’s reactions.


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