If we intend to buy a mobile phone … “Xiaomi” amazes everyone with a mythical phone … video


Since Xiaomi came to the world of the smart phone industry and is proving its leadership in this competitive market with its high-specification and record-breaking phones with regard to its prices, and perhaps Xiaomi’s superiority lies not only in providing standard specifications at competitive prices, but rather its tendency to change concepts about smart phones by providing them with advanced technologies Its competitors, the latest being the Mi Mix Alpha, was launched in September 2019.

To complement this, the Chinese company “Xiaomi” surprised us by announcing a different type of phone, as it comes with a more sophisticated curved screen, and according to the technical site “gsmarena”, “Xiaomi” reviewed the design of its phone in a video of less than 50 seconds, as it will come The phone has a different and new design of curved screens in which all four corners of the device are from top to bottom and left to right.

The most curved screen, and has no ports or physical buttons .. “Xiaomi” marvel

If you intend to buy a mobile .. "Xiaomi" Astonish everyone with a mythical phone ... Video
Mi Mix Alpha from the Chinese company Xiaomi

“Xiaomi” has called this unique technology “a quad-angle curved screen with an angle of 88 degrees,” and it is noted that it will be the most curvilinear form of screen that has appeared in the market so far.

Xiaomi was not satisfied with that, but its high-end phone will come without ports or physical buttons, as the more curved screen will come on four round holes in the corners, which are supposed to be there to deter unwanted palm touches, and this is in addition to the option to place the status bar at the top of the side. Right-hand.

It is also reported that representatives of the Chinese company “Xiaomi” have confirmed to The Verge that there is a real model with the new quadruple curved screen, and the images and videos are for display only and not an actual device so far, and there is no definite information about the launch date of this The new advanced phone.


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