If you want to invest, the most important banks offer certificates with the highest interest in the banking market


There are many changes related to the map of higher-return savings certificates in the banking banking market, and this is after many procedures for reducing the interest on these certificates during the past days, and it is considered an important investment thing.

Banks offering the highest interest certificates in the banking market

It is considered one of the most important procedures related to the National Bank of Egypt’s decision, which is to reduce interest on investment bank certificates of all kinds, which ranged from 0.25% to 3.75% for last Sunday’s general-term certificates.

And it was announced through the National Bank that these certificates had been acquired so that they would be among the savings coffers, which were after it had been sold to the benefit of the National Investment Bank.

We offer the highest interest banks offered on investment certificates after low interest rates, and they are as follows:

AlAhli Bank Platinum Savings Certificate 3 years, the interest rate is 11%, the return is paid monthly, and the Platinum Savings Certificate is 5 years, at an interest rate of 10.25% annually, and the return is paid monthly.

An investment certificate (A) with a cumulative return of ten years, an interest rate of 9.5% annually, and disbursed with the end of the terms of the certificate.

Investment certificate (B) has one year, the interest rate is 6% annually, and the return is paid monthly.

Investment Certificate (B) has a maturity of two years, which gives an annual return of 6.5%, and the return is paid every 3 months.

Investment Certificate (B) has a term of three years: with an annual return of 9%, to be paid every 3 months.

Banque Misr, triple value certificate, with an annual return of 11%, to be paid monthly for a period of 3 years.

The Housing and Development Bank (HDB), the triple reconstruction certificate, the interest ranges between 10.75% annually for the monthly return, 11% annually for the quarterly return, 11.5% annually for the semi-annual return, and 12% annually for the annual return, according to its website of the bank.


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