Image – After 43 years … Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and Samir Wahid are born in a scene similar to their parents news


The artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and the artist Samir Waheed are participating in the series “Ivy Tree”, which was produced in 1976.

Artist Ramy Samir Waheed, through his Instagram account, published a picture compiled by artist Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz from the series “Family Records”, which they co-starred in 2019, an approach to a scene presented by their parents together in “The Ivy Tree” and wrote, commenting: “Our Lord has mercy on my father and enters him in his spaciousness. He and Professor Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, may God join them in Heaven, God willing, thank you for the idea of ​​the picture, which I loved very much. “

The series “Ivy Tree” revolves around a child named Hosni who remembers his past and is in pain, as his mother died and his father was cruel, especially after his marriage to another woman who gave birth to him, which made his father happy, and with the marriage of his older sister, he remains miserable in his father’s house, due to the cruelty of his father’s wife, who Hate it.

The series starring Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Siham Mansour, Aida Kamel, Ahmed Al Jaziri, Rajaa Hussein, Sana Younis, Samiha Tawfiq, Muhammad Metwally, Abdullah Farghali, Samir Waheed, written by Muhammad Abdel Halim, script and dialogue by Muhammad Abdel Rahman, directed by Abdel Moneim Shoukry.

The series “Family Restraint” revolves around the struggle for money, two families subjected to violent battles over a conflict over inheritance, and how the two parties will ignore the bond between them for the sake of wealth.

The series starring Mervat Amin, Ezzat Al-Alayli, Bossi, Salah Abdullah, Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Sabri Fawaz, Rami Waheed, Donia Abdel Aziz, Simon, Dina Fouad, Nidal Al-Shafei, Caroline Azmy, written by Muhammad Rajaa and Michel Nabil, directed by Tamer Hamza.

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