Immigration: an operations room to receive the requests of those wishing to return to Egypt


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Ambassador Nabila Makram Abdel-Shaheed, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, announced the activation of the ministry’s operations room to register the requests of citizens stranded in the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman, who wish to return to Egypt, pointing out that the ministry has received wishes to return at the present time to Egypt due to the inability to bear the costs of residence After the State of Kuwait announced that it would stop receiving non-citizens for a period of two weeks in principle, as part of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Minister of Immigration indicated that as soon as the numbers are registered, coordination will be made with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to negotiate with tourism companies to discuss the possibility of returning citizens wishing to transit countries to the same companies that they traveled through, explaining that with regard to their requests to facilitate the PCR analysis to enter Egypt, the Ministry will – Based on numbers – in coordination with the concerned authorities to facilitate testing, in light of the humanitarian conditions and the emergency situation, to amend travel plans.

In the same context, the Minister requested citizens wishing to return to register their data in detail, especially the name of the country in which he is currently present, and the name of the tourism company through which he traveled, via the link:

The Minister indicated that several means of communication with those stranded abroad were available, including the ministry’s page on the “Facebook” social networking site “”, or via e-mail. «[email protected]»،In addition to the “WhatsApp” service, the numbers assigned to that are: “01069613755 – 01062437210”.

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