“Immigration” appeals to Egyptians heading to Kuwait to postpone travel


11:22 AM

Thursday 04 February 2021

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Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Affairs Abroad, appealed to Egyptian citizens heading to Kuwait who did not leave Egypt, to postpone the decision to travel during the current period as it witnesses the announcement of regulatory decisions to limit the spread of the Corona pandemic or the transmission of mutated strains, after Kuwait announced preventing entry to non-Kuwaitis Starting next Sunday and for a period of two weeks.

In a statement today, Thursday, the Minister of Immigration issued an appeal to citizens “who are temporarily transit in one of the countries in the direction of the State of Kuwait and will not be able to travel to Kuwait before Sunday, February 7, and are not willing to endure residence for a future period, especially since the airport opening date is not specified. Returning to the homeland, as it will not be possible to find alternatives to provide residency for citizens, especially since a number of businessmen and Egyptian institutions, such as Misr El-Kheir and Banque Misr, helped bear huge expenses to cover the residency expenses of hundreds of Egyptians stranded in the UAE and also in the Sultanate of Oman. On their way to Kuwait, which is difficult to repeat, especially with the long period of border closures, in addition to the problems of visa expiration in transit countries.

The minister indicated that communication with the Ministry of Tourism will begin to coordinate with the tourism companies, either to end the travel procedures for the largest possible number of those who have met the conditions to Kuwait before entry is banned, or to arrange their return to Egypt until the situation eases.

For his part, Representative Amr Hendy, a member of Parliament on behalf of Egyptians abroad, recommended to citizens, and through communication with the Minister of Immigration, the need to understand the exceptional circumstances that the whole world is going through, the precautionary measures and decisions organizing countries that limit the number of travelers or prevent non-citizens from entering, which necessitates Thinking of logical solutions for those on the territories of transit countries, especially since the number of days to suspend travel to Kuwait is unknown, and the esteemed Representative pledged to search for enforceable mechanisms.

The Kuwaiti Cabinet had announced internal decisions regulating appointments, including measures to prevent non-Kuwaitis from entering the country from Sunday, February 7, for a period of two weeks, subject to renewal.

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