Imported from an Arab country .. Agricultural farmers reveal the story of adulterated tomatoes in Egypt


Dr. Syed Khalifa, head of the Agricultural Syndicate, and head of agricultural extension at the Ministry of Agriculture, said that tomatoes in Egypt are completely safe and do not contain any diseases or source of harm, adding that what has been raised recently about the presence of adulterated tomatoes in Egypt are malicious rumors.

Khalifa revealed, during statements to “Echo Al Balad”, the circumstances of the story of adulterated tomatoes, saying: The Ministry of Agriculture is examining vegetables and fruits through the Committee for Examination and Certification of Plants, which registers all varieties and types of vegetables and fruits to ensure their quality.

The Head of Agricultural Extension pointed out that the tomatoes that caused the problem came from one of the Arab countries, pointing out that some companies that do not have a trust have packaged tomatoes that are not registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and affixed a sticker that they are not registered in order to gain more profit.

He stressed that the problem arose because the seeds of some tomato varieties were not registered with the Ministry of Agriculture only, and not because the tomatoes were spoiled or that the tomatoes were adulterated, praising the role of the Ministry of Agriculture in examining vegetables, fruits and all plants to preserve the public health of citizens.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Agriculture has warned farmers against dealing with a variety named Tomato 025, confirming that this variety is not registered with the Central Administration for examining and approving the seeds, and that the company that markets it visits a “sticker” and affixes it to one of the tomato seed varieties imported from Jordan on the packages. Basem Tomato 025 and that the violating company imports tomato seeds under the name of a registered variety named Zahi F1 Hybrid Tomato produced by a company from one of the Arab countries, and then forges and affixes a new “sticker” on the packages in the name of Tomato 025 which is an unregistered variety and is resold in the market once Another, especially for owners of nurseries, so that it is far from the control of the central administration for examining and approving seeds. A statement of proving the status of the above has been drawn up and the owner of the company signed.

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