In a call with her sister, Zeina Kanjos husband reveals the reason for her murder: he didn’t mean (audio)


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Zeina Kanjo, a model

The killing of the Lebanese model, Zeina Kanjo, angered many who demanded retribution for her, especially after preliminary investigations indicated that the husband was accused of killing her, after he had strangled her with his hands.

The Lebanese “Al-Jadid” channel published a recorded phone call between Ibrahim Ghazal, the husband of the victim, the model Zina Kanjo, and her sister Ruba, through which he spoke about the details of the fight and the reason for his murder of his wife, which he attributed to treason.

According to the call broadcast by the Lebanese channel, that the husband entered the house and found his wife with another man, and put his hand on her mouth when the screaming began and did not intend to kill her, and the call came, as she kept asking her sister about the reason for killing her: “Why did you kill her? Zina Hoklatli stole everything, her car, her money, and her gold.

And the husband spoke, claiming: “I will tell you something the first time and the last time I will tell you even with the investigation, I will not remember anything .. When you miss your house and meet another person, what do you mean by her death is because she screamed and put my hand on her mouth.

A horrific crime in Lebanon

Yesterday, Lebanon witnessed a horrific crime when the police found the body of the Lebanese model Zeina Kanjo, inside her home, and preliminary investigations indicated that the crime took place after disagreements between the victim and her husband, who strangled her until she died.

The municipality of Al-Bireh-Akkar police had learned of the incident, and transferred the body from her home in Beirut to her hometown in her Sindianah town of Akkar, where she was buried immediately, according to the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar.

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