In a picture .. the son of the artist Nadia al-Iraqiya reveals the truth about the death of his mother


The son of the artist, “Nadia Al-Iraqia”, “Adham”, was keen to respond to the rumor of his mother’s death, which spread yesterday, where a picture that he collected with his mother was published through his personal account on the “Facebook” site.

He explained: “Praise be to God, my mother is fine, and thank you to everyone who spoke to me and cared, above my head.” He added, “Of course, whoever added this news and helped spread it, read the verse well, God guides you.”

Following the image: “In the name of God the Merciful, O those who believe, ٱjtenboa many of ٱzn some ٱzn sin or not spied backbite one another does you eat the flesh of his dead brother Vltamoh and ٱtqgua Allah, Allah Oft Rahim.”

The rumor of the death of the Iraqi actress Nadia:

Some had discussed the rumor of the death of the artist, “Nadia Al-Iraqiya,” yesterday.

Azzouz Adel, a member of the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions, denied the rumor of the death of the artist, Nadia Al-Iraqiya.

The artist, “Azouz”, explained through a statement that the artist “Nadia Al-Iraqia” is in good health and what is being circulated about her death is just a rumor.


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