In pictures – a complete change in the features of Heba Nour arouses the ridicule of the audience: “I am afraid”


The Syrian artist, Heba Nour, aroused the interest of many observers with pictures that she recently published on her own account in the “Instagram” photo and video application, and appeared in it with a remarkable look, where she adopted a complete black look, completing it with intense eye makeup in the same color and a hairstyle in the form of a taut bun. Some activists expressed their admiration for the luke, but others saw that he did not suit her and mocked her, pointing out that the look makes her look like witches.

Among the comments were: “On an idea without makeup, I feel it better,” “You make me feel better, but you don’t make up. You look more cute and naturally sweeter,” “She looks quickly and is not successful,” “What is my fear,” and “as if you are not.”

It is noteworthy that Heba Nour had supported statements made by the Lebanese artist Nadine Al-Rassi, without any kind of courtesy, during her visit as a guest on the “confrontation” program. And through a promotional clip that she posted on her own account in “Instagram”, she answered a question about Lebanese artists and said that Lebanese, Syrian and Egyptian artists are hypocritical. Heba Nour expressed her admiration for Al-Rassi’s publication, noting that the two stars are playing a harmful role in the upcoming Ramadan series “Nsunji Balhalal”.


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