Including children’s play .. 8 habits that expose your family to electrical short


Some people do wrong habits at home that cause the family to be exposed to danger, such as fires or short circuits, and the “future” monitors some wrong habits for dealing with electricity inside the house to avoid them in order to preserve the safety of citizens, as follows:

1- It is dangerous to have electrical installations in the corridors and entrances.

2- Buy children’s electric toys that work by connecting them to the source of electricity, and the best ones that work with batteries.

3- Touching the light bulbs when they are lit.

4- Not always sure that the location of the light bulb is not disturbed.

5- Putting adhesive tape on electrical wires without monitoring it and replacing it when necessary.

6- Not to disconnect electricity from any device after using it.

7- Not covering all electrical sockets that are not used.

8- Some put electrical extensions under carpets and mattresses.

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