Increase pensions by 50% and financially support pregnant women .. Statement of the Minister of Solidarity for Deputies


Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, presented the ministry’s program, documented with a summary of the achievements made in light of the government mandates issued in 2018, and in light of the general goals of Egypt’s vision for sustainable development 2030, through three years of hard work.

This comes as a continuation of the listening sessions of Dr. Mustafa Madbouly’s government ministers regarding the implementation of each ministry of the government program (Egypt starts 2018-2020).

The most prominent and important statements of the minister were as follows:

Monetary support

Poverty rates have declined from 32.4% in 2018 to 29.7% in 2020.

The development of the first database on poor families in Egypt, covering 8.5 million families, comprising 31 million citizens.

The number of families benefiting from cash support programs increased to reach 3.81 families, an increase of 523 thousand families, an increase of 16%. The total number of beneficiaries increased from 1.75 million beneficiaries in 2015 to 3.8 million beneficiaries, or 118%.

The budget allocated to cash support increased from 12 billion to 19 billion pounds, an increase of 58% over 2018, and the budget allocated for cash support increased from 6.9 billion pounds in 2015 to 19 billion pounds in 2020, by 175%.

– The percentage of females registered in their names issued cards is 75.5% compared to the percentage of males that amounts to 24.5%. The number of children benefiting from the program is 5.3 million children, or 44% of the total family members.

– Providing monthly cash support in coordination with NGOs, targeting 447.8 orphans and orphans, at a cost of 1,341 billion EGP, including the cash side, with a monthly amount of up to 300 EGP per month.

Providing irregular cash assistance to a total of 1.5 million families affected by difficult circumstances, with a total of 960,114 million pounds, at a monthly average of 400 Egyptian pounds, and the total value of in-kind assistance in the governorates reached 41,089,535 pounds for 79,870 beneficiaries.

Relief Services

– The total of relief services, food and medical aid, and sterilization services provided by the Ministry of Social Solidarity and its NGO partners during the Corona crisis amounted to about 20 million services, with a total cost exceeding 1.7 billion pounds.

– Nasser Social Bank disbursed EGP 650 million, at a total cost of 1.8 million beneficiaries, distributed on targeted financial aid.

Scholarships for students

Exempting 5.5 million students in various educational stages (primary, preparatory, and secondary) from paying school fees, and bearing the cost of school education for more than 1.5 million students who are unable and do not receive cash support, totaling 5.8 million school students.

– The cost of 34,000 students in community development schools in NGOs has also been paid, and the total number of schools is 2,100 community schools. This is in addition to providing food and cash support to the poorest families of these children.

Providing scholarships for a total of 24 outstanding students of Takaful and Karama and 124 of the most favored students, not only in Egyptian universities, but also in foreign universities in various universities.

Support for pregnant women

– The First Thousand Days in Children’s Life Program targets young pregnant and lactating mothers who have a maximum of two children, and additional points are spent on the ration food basket at a value of EGP 100 per month, on the condition of health follow-up and vaccination procedures for children.

Supporting mothers during pregnancy by paying compensation to women working in the private sector during the childbirth period, at 75% of the last wage, for a period of 90 days, to be paid by social insurance funds.


– To dissolve the entanglements between the social insurance system and the treasury by paying 160.5 billion pounds annually, increasing at an interest rate of 5.9% annually for a period of 50 years, to meet the treasury’s obligations in the pension system and repay the debts owed to the insurance.

– Increasing the value of pensions disbursed by 50% from 2018 to 2021 for 10.4 million beneficiaries, at a cost of about 77.5 billion pounds.

In 2020, due pensions were increased by 14% over the total pension value, with a maximum increase of 980 pounds, at an annual cost of about 25.1 billion pounds.

– End the problem of special allowances that are not attached to the basic wage, with the issuance of Law No. 25 of 2020, and accordingly, the variable wage pension was increased to about 2.4 million pensioners and beneficiaries.

– The annual cost of the value of the due special allowances is 7 billion pounds, with a total frozen value of 28 billion pounds, to be disbursed in four annual payments, and the minimum pension as of 7/1/2019 according to the social insurance laws is 900 pounds per month.

– Knock on doors

Cooperating with the Ministry of Petroleum and Electricity to connect the natural gas connections to 112,175 families in 6 governorates of the poorest nationwide, with a total of 230 million Egyptian pounds funded by the European Union, the French Development Agency and American aid.

Creating 64 family planning clinics, and carrying out 5,046,540 doorway visits, 4,374 seminars, 42 street theaters, benefiting one million women, with the participation of 108 NGOs and NGOs.

– Executing 5 million home visits to raise family awareness of the importance of family planning and introducing the available services, and 804,000 women were transferred to family planning clinics at the Ministry of Health and 2 enough clinics to check reproductive health, and 18% of them used family planning methods.

Irregular employment

– The ministry is working with the Ministry of Planning on a project to develop a database of informal workers affected by the Corona pandemic, and to create a unified and comprehensive database.

– The Ministry evaluated the current social protection programs for irregular workers and identified the coverage gaps. Legislation on social protection for irregular workers was listed, as well as preparing a proposal for the Irregular Employment Support Fund.

– Work is underway to develop a road map to implement the recommendations regarding the extension of social protection programs for informal employment.

Various services

– The total number of services provided reached 20 million services at a total cost of 1.7 billion pounds, for the number of beneficiaries of 64 million individuals, and a number of 169 cooperation protocols were signed between the Ministry and all partner ministries, agencies and associations.

– The number of persons with disabilities benefiting from cash support has reached about one million people, at a total cost of 5 billion pounds annually. Disability proof cards and integrated services have been issued to more than 633 persons with disabilities, and an integrated database is being developed.

Exemption for the elderly over the age of 70 years from public transportation expenses, including railways and metros, in addition to 50% exemption for those over the age of 65, and the Ministry of Social Solidarity shall pay these costs on their behalf to the relevant ministry.

– The Ministry has adopted a program to employ the energies of public service costs before leaving the labor market, as the percentage of public service costs has been increased from 38,000 to 120,000 annually, with an increase of 32% and is distributed to 16 ministries and 8 government agencies, including 59 fields.

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