Indian film So Asala Nasri described the details of her memoir


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The artist Asala, during her interview on social media, revealed the reason for deleting the picture of her free man.Tariq Al-AryanWith his mistress, Nicole Saffan, after many rumors spread about the quality of their relationship.

The artist “Asala Nasri” explained the reason for posting the photo on social networking sites, that she likes to express his feelings with a usual truth on social media.

This prompted her to publish the photo despite the many criticisms that were directed at her, but through it she was expressing her true feelings at the time.

She also expressed her refusal to talk about this topic, but she made it clear that she had deleted the photo.

The reason behind deleting the photo is that she does not want to see the photo whenever she wants to log into her account and view its contents.

She also revealed a new project, which is that she is preparing to start writing her life story with the help of a great writer from her friends who have the talent for writing.

Through writing her life story, she clarifies some situations and behaviors with some people, to immortalize everything that she lived during her artistic and personal life.

The artist has described “Asala NasriHer diary that she can be a “Hindi movie”, and she used this description because a lot of people do not believe a lot of events within the movies.

And that the details that happened with her in her life, people may not believe him, due to the severity of his strangeness, which could fall under the name of “Indian Film”.

She indicated her position and opinion regarding the death of the able director “Hatem Ali” and before him the great poet “Nizar Qabbani” outside her country, Syria.

She added that society has not yet reached the stage of assessing stature as it was supposed, given that the directorHatem AliHe did not take his right, and that the union and the official institutions fell significantly short of that.

And she expressed her lack of concern and fear of death outside Syria, and that she wishes to be buried in Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia or even other countries.

For her, there is no difference between all countries, as for her, Arab countries are united by an Arab bond, and there is no room for differentiation.

She added, “Abu al-Nakad curses .. I will cry.”


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