Instead of the nose … the Egyptian Japanese: Corona infection was diagnosed through the


12:55 PM

Monday 01 February 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

Dr. Ahmed El-Gohary, President of the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology in Borg El Arab, announced today, Monday, that the university has launched a research project, to develop a method for diagnosing the emerging corona virus.

The President of the Japanese University revealed that a research team at the university has developed a test strip to diagnose the emerging “Covid-19” virus by means of antibodies and a sample of saliva.

For his part, Dr. Hassan Shokry, Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Egyptian Japanese University, explained that the diagnostic test strip of the emerging Covid-19 virus depends on gold nanoparticles.

He pointed out that gold nanoparticles can change their properties by combining with the distinctive protein of the emerging Covid-19 virus, pointing out that the test can be performed by placing a sample of saliva on the tip of the test strip.

Shukry said, that the diagnostic test for the emerging corona virus, based on a sample of saliva, helps identify people who have been exposed to the virus but do not show symptoms.

He added that the tests based on swabs of saliva have many advantages, including that they are safe, painless, repeatable and easy to use, as well as the possibility of taking the test anywhere, whether a test center or even at home.

Shoukry emphasized that the results appear quickly in a few minutes, which helps the medical teams treating the treatment speed, in addition to the low cost of performing the test compared to traditional tests.

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