Interrogating the accused “Ahmed and Noha” in the exiled videos incident


12:16 PM

Wednesday 03 February 2021

Beheira – Ahmed Nasra:

Today, Wednesday, the Hosh Center Prosecutor in Al-Buhaira Governorate began an investigation with two young men and a housewife, accused of producing immoral clips and publishing them through their YouTube channel.

The Hosh Issa Center Investigations Unit had identified the channel’s administrators, and it turned out that they were “Nader A.A.” 26 years old, Noha A.A., 30 years old, and “Ahmed. .

Social networking sites witnessed dissatisfaction after the spread of shameless acting clips and their promotion under the name “Ahmed and Noha” through a channel, on YouTube.

The pioneers of social media platforms demanded the Internet investigators to close the channel and prosecute those in charge of it for violating social and religious norms and values.

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