It happened at night … a new Egyptian move with the US Congress on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam … and Israel is considering declaring war on Iran


The “Echo of the Country” website published a number of important news on the local and international scene during the early hours of this morning, Tuesday 2-2-2021, the most prominent of which are mentioned in the following report:

The ruling party in Myanmar demanded today, Tuesday, the necessity of approving the results of the elections and holding the parliament, after the coup led by the army.

Today, Tuesday, the Chinese National Health Commission announced the registration of 30 new cases of the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”, in a significant decrease in infections.

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, Adviser to the Minister of Health and Population, for Media Affairs, said that Egypt was one of the first African countries to obtain a Corona virus vaccine.

The Egyptian Embassy in Washington held an expanded virtual session for aides to members of the US Congress from the House of Representatives and the Senate, on the Renaissance Dam.

Israeli television reported on Tuesday that senior Israeli officials have studied the army’s plan in their country to attack Tehran, as they discussed the use of emergency funding for the operation’s costs.

The Inter Milan team, its rival, Juventus, will host today at the San Siro Stadium in the semi-final first-leg of the Italian Cup.

President Joe Biden’s administration has asked the US Supreme Court to cancel two tabulated arguments regarding Mexican border policies implemented under former President Donald Trump.

A shocking new audio recording of the late Argentine legend’s doctor, Diego Armando Maradona, has spread on the night of his death, revealing new details.

A few hours ago, artist Mohamed Mounir released his new song “Ana Rayq”, on his official YouTube channel.

Ahmed Yahya, agent of Mustafa Mohamed, a Galatasaray player, revealed the scenes of the player’s transfer from Zamalek to the Turkish club.

The “Global Times” newspaper revealed today, Tuesday, Chinas decision to suspend religious gatherings, during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, due to the restrictions of the new Corona virus.

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