Its roots go back to the pharaohs … the story of the first appearance of cancer in the world


On February 4th of every year, it comes World Cancer Day It is an annual phenomenon organized by the International Union Against Cancer to raise global awareness of the dangers of cancer, through prevention, early detection and treatment methods.

But have you ever wondered when Done Cancer detection for the first time? When we hear about each other Causes of cancerIt might sound as if the cancer was recent, however Cancer has afflicted people for centuries and for reasons completely different from what we know today. It is an ancient disease and despite the passage of time, doctors have not been able to discover a radical treatment for it until now.

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Cancer detection

The oldest documented case of cancer in the world dates back to ancient Egypt in 1500 BC, when details of the disease were recorded on papyrus, where eight cases of breast tumors were documented, according to verywellhealth.

He was treated with cauterization that damaged the tissues with a hot instrument called a “fire drill”, and it was recorded that there was no treatment for the disease, only palliative treatment


There is evidence that the ancient Egyptians were able to distinguish between Malignant and benign neoplasmsAccording to the inscriptions, superficial tumors were surgically removed in a similar fashion as they were removed today.

The secret to naming cancer

The Greek physician Hippocrates was not the discoverer of cancer, but he is credited with naming it, where it is used Hippocrates the two Greek words
carcinos And carcinoma To describe tumors, and hence cancer karkinos.

The Greek terms were actually words used to describe a crab, which Hippocrates believed to be similar to a tumor, and although Hippocrates called the disease “cancer,” he was certainly not the first to discover the disease.

The Greek physician Hippocrates believed that the cause of cancer is that the body consists of four fluids: blood, sputum, yellow bile and black bile, and he believed that an excess of black bile anywhere in the body causes cancer.


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