Ivanka and Kushner’s millions … a statement showing a “decline” in wealth


The couple, who have both forfeited government salaries, said they were earning at least $ 23.8 million and up to $ 120 million in income during 2020 and the first 20 days of 2021, according to Bloomberg.

This compares with an amount of 156 million dollars for the same period a year ago.

In general, disclosures indicate that Ivanka Trump And Kushner, although still extremely wealthy, suffered an economic loss during their controversial terms of her father’s administration.

And in 2017, shortly after they joined the White House staff, they reported income of up to $ 195 million, but this initial disclosure covered a longer period of time than we announced later.

The value of the couple’s assets has increased modestly over the past four years, during which stocks have jumped more than 60 percent.

The latest financial disclosure indicates that they listed assets ranging between $ 206 million and $ 803 million, compared to 2017, when the listed assets reached between $ 241 million and $ 741 million, and they listed assets between $ 203 and $ 783 million last year.

The couple owns extensive holdings in companies hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

I disclose Kushner About $ 117 million in income, most of it from rent or gains associated with the residential and commercial properties he owns.

It also reported $ 1.8 million in Westminster Management, a family housing company that Kushner runs in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Tennessee.

Family ties

Kushner’s disclosure shows that he still owns between $ 25 million and $ 5 million in Cadre, the real estate technology company he co-founded.

Kushner had announced earlier that he would leave “staff” to remove a potential conflict of interest, but he never did.

Ivankas disclosure revealed her many relationships with the family business, showing $ 1.5 million of her stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington – down from about $ 4 million a year ago – and another $ 1.5 million from several LLCs.

Like her father, Ivanka also received a pension with the Screen Actors Guild due to her appearance on the show “The Apprentice”.

The form also lists several brands and licensing contracts for Trump for fashion, household goods, and other businesses, but those fetching as little as $ 0 or as much as $ 200.

Ivanka closed her fashion line in 2018 after it was dropped by retailers such as Nordstrom.

The couple listed artwork valued between $ 5 million and $ 25 million.

Most of the couple’s debt comes from Kushner, who jointly owns lines of credit with his father, Charles Kushner.


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