Jensh: I will not leave Zamalek … and El-Shennawi, Egypt’s first goalkeeper


Mahmoud Jensh, Zamalek goalkeeper, confirmed that Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shenawy is Egypt’s first goalkeeper at the moment, indicating that he will not leave the White Castle.

“I received offers from Egyptian clubs with a lot of money, but my desire was to continue. I see that Zamalek is my home, and I will not leave,” Gensh said, in an interview he gave to the “Al-Allaib” program on MBC Egypt.

He added, “I had to sit down with the coach in order to find out my role, then I closed the matter completely and renewed my contract for two years. I do not want to be a hero, but I got a salary according to the club’s capabilities at the present time.”

He stressed: “The former coach, Patrice Carteron, was clear and frank and promised me a chance to participate, but it was my bad luck that he left the club.”

He continued: “My relationship with Muhammad Abu Jabal is only in the stadium, and it is important that he continue on his level, but I have not had my chance since my return to participate after recovering from injury, as I only played five games.”

He continued: “In the Talaia Al-Jaysh match, I missed the third goal and apologized to the players in the locker room after the match, but I did not know that I would play that match, especially as I like to play under pressure.”

Regarding the loss of the African Champions League title after the defeat to Al-Ahly in the final of the century, Abu Jensh asserted: “(The world went wrong) after losing the title and I am still sad until now.

And about his reaction after the goal of Muhammad Majdi Afsha, who gave Al-Ahly the victory, Abu Jabal explained: “People linked me to shouting after the goal.

The 33-year-old concluded his remarks, saying: “Muhammad Al-Shennawi is Egypt’s first goalkeeper. He would be a liar if I said something other than that. Muhammad Abu Jabal walks in a fine way, but people love me because I am a righteous man.”


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