“Johnson & Johnson” requires an emergency license for the Corona vaccine


And if he gets the green light off US Food and Drug AdministrationThis will be the third vaccine approved in the United States, after the Pfizer-Bionic and Moderna vaccines.

The “Associated Press” agency stated that, unlike most known vaccines, the single-dose vaccine provides protection from the virus by up to 66 percent only, but it may be useful for the world who suffers from a shortage of vaccines.

وذكرت “Johnson & Johnson“Based on clinical trials in the United States and 7 other countries, the vaccine is 66 percent effective in protecting against severe and moderate infections from (Covid 19), and about 85 percent of the most severe symptoms.”

And there was a difference in results depending on the geographical location, the vaccine worked well, by 72 percent in moderate and severe cases in the United States, compared to 57 percent in South Africa.

The company’s head of international research, Maathai Mammen, said creating a single dose vaccine “was a respectable gamble.”

Experts consider that the vaccine from a single dose would help to overcome the scarce supplies of vaccines in the world, and to avoid the nightmare of logistical problems that the two-dose vaccines impose.

But with the arrival of some other vaccines to an effectiveness rate of 95% after the two doses, the question arises about the acceptability of other, less effective vaccines.

It expects to provide 100 million doses to the United States by next June, and some shipments will be ready as soon as the company gets the green light.

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