Kahraba: Our goal is to win the FIFA Club World Cup … and Al-Ahly are like Bayern Munich


Talk Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba” Club player Ahly About his dreams in his post The Club World Cup Which starts tomorrow (Thursday) in Qatar and will continue until February 11th, where he stressed that the team’s main concern is to overcome the Al Duhail hurdle in order to face Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the tournament, and then strive to win the title.

Date of the Al-Ahly match against Al-Duhail

Al-Ahly will meet Al-Duhail in the opening match of the Club World Cup, at half past seven in the evening tomorrow (Thursday) at the Education City Stadium.

Kahraba said in statements to the official website of “FIFA”: “The focus of Al-Ahly players’ talk during the current period is nothing but winning the Al-Duhail match to face Bayern Munich. This dream entices every player to face the European champions.”

He added, “Al-Duhail is a respectable team and they are strong, whether in the Qatari League or in the AFC Champions League.”

Kahraba continued, saying: “I focus a lot during this period and watched Al-Duhail matches in order to know the best players in the team. We talk together about our opponents, and I hope that we play in a good way that befits Al-Ahly’s history and that we can win them.”

Kahraba: I love Bayern Munich

About the dream of facing Bayern Munich, Kahraba commented: “Of course I like to watch Bayern because it is a strong team and has good players. It is a whole team that plays collectively. I feel when I watch them that they are like Al-Ahly because we play in a similar way, and I learn a lot from them, there is no specific player I would like.” Face him because I want to play against all of them. In football there are no small or big teams and we hope to perform well. “

Kahraba talks about the secret of his title

While Kahraba talked about the secret of his name with this name, which he became known by more than his real name, saying: “Kahraba was given for the first time when I was in the junior team at Al-Ahly. Defeat, he thought I was an electrician because I like to do everything on the field at the same time. I have been called by that name since I was 9 years old and still have me today. “

Electrification message to Al-Ahly fans

Kahraba sent a message to Al-Ahly fans saying: “Al-Ahly fans mean a lot to me because I am one of them and I was among them before. The club is something special to me and I consider it like my father or my mother, and I hope that we can achieve their ambitions and I hope to continue playing with this team in the future.” And to please the masses. “

Kahraba: I used to run away from school to follow Al-Ahly at the World Cup

Kahraba concluded his speech, saying: “We aim to win the Club World Cup. I remember since I was a child, the story of my escape from school to watch Al-Ahly World Cup matches in the cafe. It was a great feeling to watch my favorite team play while we were drinking tea with milk. I always dreamed of playing in the World Cup. For clubs, this dream will come true. “


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