Karim Hindawi: I wish Al-Ahly success in the World Cup, and we dream of an Olympic medal


Karim Hindawi, goalkeeper of the Egyptian handball team, talked about the aspirations of the Pharaohs in the Tokyo Olympics 2021, after the honorable performance in the World Championships that was held in Egypt last January. It happens again and we may not get a chance, and in order to reach the dream of being crowned with a medal, we must make a lot of effort to achieve it, because a medal in the Olympics is a very big thing and everyone seeks to reach it and we hope to maintain our focus and win a medal for Egypt.

And about Al-Ahly’s participation in the Club World Cup, Hindawi said: Al-Ahly represents Egypt now in the FIFA Club World Cup, and any team that participates in this tournament is a great thing, any team in the tournament will play a medal and I wish the Al-Ahly players to achieve a good position for Egypt in it.

He added about his opinion on organizing the World Hand Championship in Egypt: I thought that things would be postponed before the start of the tournament due to Corona, but once the tournament started I became very proud of this organization, and we only needed the fans to give us a greater push forward, but we made a lot of gains from the organization and I saw How happy are my colleagues in other missions, and my age I have not stayed in a residence like we were in despite my participation in many tournaments.

He continued: The organization was wonderful, and the people responsible for the event were very distinguished, and I see that they are the unknown soldier for the success of this event, and without them everything would have failed, and I am very happy that I played a championship in such a global organization without exaggeration.

Zad: The Denmark match we were clinging to hope for the last moment, and we learned a lot from it and it was a strong match, but the performance was not the main measure of the outcome. The masses were to be behind us in this way, and this is the choice of our Lord, praise be to God.

He added: After the match, everyone was collapsing, each of us blamed himself for every ball or opportunity, we were feeling sad, but we also felt proud, the players fought on the field and we used to talk before every match that we would not leave the stadium until after everything was presented and we were satisfied. About ourselves, and this is sport, and people tell me when they see me, “We are proud of you”, and I hope we keep this up.

Wasel: Essam Al-Tayyar is a great star, may God protect him, and working with him is very comfortable and this is a relationship that brought together all the members of the national team, and before the start of the tournament we were four guards. Our relationship is very good inside and outside the stadium.

He concluded: I do not follow social media for a long time, and I closed my Facebook account during the tournament, and the players aimed to focus in the tournament and did not care to focus with social media much, because any player may be affected by the speech circulating on it.


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