Karim Shehata reveals the truth of the tweet, “Al-Ismaeli Landing,” to the second section


The media, Karim Hassan Shehata, denied the tweet circulating on social media, which bears a statement to him declaring his desire to drop Al-Ismaily for the second division and his inability to be in the Premier League due to the negative results achieved this season. Karim Hassan Shehata said in special statements to “The Seventh Day”: “Some people quoted words on my tongue that I did not say on my program, and I was surprised by the tweets carrying statements on my tongue that aroused the discontent of the Ismaili fans while they are completely false.

Karim Hassan Shehata adds: “Is there an Egyptian who does not like the beautiful Ismaili ball? … We all love the Ismaili and we feel sad about the decline of his results and the disappearance of his fun ball, and we want him to return quickly. It is not true at all that I said Ismaili should go down to the second division because he is not fit for the excellent league and achieves negative results.” .

In a related context, the Bosnian Dragan Jovic, the technical director of the Ismaili club, takes advantage of the time lag between the Smouha confrontation, which the Dervishes lost with two goals without a response in the postponed match of the tenth round of the league competition and the Alexandrian Federation meeting scheduled for the fifth on the afternoon of Friday 12 February at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria in the postponed meeting From the eleventh round of the competition in preparing the injured and preparing the players psychologically after the series of defeats that the team lives, as it did not achieve any victory in 2021, since its victory over Aswan last December, which is the only victory for the dervishes in the competition.

Jovic gave the Ismaili players a 48-hour break from training after the end of the Smouha match, as the yellow team is scheduled to resume training, starting tomorrow, Saturday, in preparation for the leader of the hatch.

The Ismaili club’s medical apparatus, led by Muhammad Taha, is preparing Mohamed Adel, a midfielder for the Dervishes, to confront Al-Ittihad Al-Iskandar after his absence from the Dervish confrontation with Smouha, which was held at Ismailia Stadium on Wednesday afternoon, with the postponed meeting of the tenth round of the competition due to a strain on the posterior muscle.


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