Khaled Eid: Zamalek was not in his condition, and God compensated us … and a fracture of the skull was the result of Sassi’s intervention


Khaled Eid, the technical director of Ghazl El Mahalla club, confirmed that Al-Tawfiq was our ally against Zamalek and called on the players to attack Zamalek because he was not in his condition in the match, which ended with Al Mahalla winning two goals to one goal at Ghazel El Mahalla stadium in the eleventh week of competitions.

Khaled Eid said in statements to Ontime Sports Channel after the match ended: “We were performing at a very good level in the past matches, but we did not achieve positive results, and we may have compensated us today against Zamalek, and I shook the players between the two halves because Zamalek was not in his condition like the clearing match.”

Khaled Eid added: “The second goal came in lost time, Makhlash Zamalek can compensate, and today’s victory raised the team to tenth place, benefiting from the teams results. “

Khaled Eid explained: “Mohamed Sami has a fracture of the skull after the intervention of Farajani Sassi, and the win in our hands is confidence, and all the players were with us in the excellent B and I did not dispense with them and I have confidence in them and I ask the fans to be patient and we will try to continue progressing in the league and win this gives us a big push, and contracts for all players throughout In recent years, one player in Al-Ahly and Zamalek did not. “

Zamalek team lost from its counterpart Ghazl Al-Mahalla by 1/2 in the match that was held today at Al-Mahalla Stadium in the 11th round of the League matches, where Zamalek advanced with a clean goal scored by Ferjani Sassi in the 69th minute of the match, and Abdo Yahya, the Mahalla player, tied in the 76th minute Omar of the match, and Al-Akhmimi kidnapped the winning goal in the 95th minute.

The defeat froze Zamalek’s balance at point 23 out of 10 games that temporarily occupies the top of the league, while Al Mahallas score rose to point 11 in the 10th place in the table.


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