Khaled El-Ghandour: The true Egyptian legend, Mohamed Salah, not al-Khatib


Khaled El-Ghandour, the former star of Zamalek, said that Mohamed Salah, the English star of Liverpool, the legend of football in Egypt, beats Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the Al-Ahly club, explaining that the “number one” in Egypt is the testimony of the whole world, and whoever says otherwise does not understand the ball.

Al-Ghandour added, in televised statements to Ontime Sports 2 with the media Shima Saber, that Salah has achieved titles and personal numbers, which makes him a legend of football in Egypt, and it is not correct to compare him to anyone.

Al-Ghandour continued: “Mustafa Mohamed is higher than Mohamed Salah, Messi and Mbabi, but in the head blows, adding:“ Farouk Jaafar tied me to Zamalek, but Taher Abu Zaid is my idol, and bullying does not occupy me because of my shortcoming, and what he says is a psychopathic dwarf. ”

The former Zamalek star continued: “The referees’ mistakes are always against Zamalek in the summit matches, Imad Al-Nahhas and Mukhtar Mukhtar do not miss matches, but their behavior in front of Al-Ahly is suspicious and they likened me to Maradona in Yugoslavia, and I am provoked because I am saying the truth.”

On the other hand, Khaled Al-Ghandour congratulated Al-Ahly club after defeating Al-Duhail, Qatar, with a goal scored by Hussein Al-Shahat, in the match that brought them together today, Thursday, at the Education City Stadium, in the start of the Red Genie matches in the Club World Cup.

Al-Ghandour said that Al-Duhail, Qatar, is an ordinary and unknown team, and has sub-standard players, stressing that a media aura was built on it, but they proved the opposite when facing the red giant despite the great potential they have.


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