Khas … the first response from Ahmed Zaki’s sister after the decision confirming the ruling that she owns his possessions


The Giza Urgent Appellant Court issued a ruling rejecting the appeal filed by Rami Ezz El-Din on the judgment imposing receivership on the property of the late artist Ahmed Zaki.

Lawyer Muhammad Hassan Al-Anwar said that the ruling was issued today to accept the appeal in form, and in the matter to reject it and support the ruling of imposing guardianship in favor of Ahmed Zaki’s sisters on the legacy of the late artist, including cars, apartments and the possessions inside them, Rami Ezz El-Din did not accept this ruling and he was challenged by the appeal, and today the judgment was issued rejecting the appeal And uphold the guard rule.

Ahmed Zaki’s sister, Iman Attia, told “Sada Al Balad”: We have filed a lawsuit in order to seize the belongings of the artist Ahmed Zaki, and although a judgment was issued in our favor, we do not know his holdings.

Iman added that what was reported about Ahmed Zaki’s holdings is that the brother of the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki “Rami Barakat” offered him from a person in the Gulf to obtain the collections for a large sum of money, but we do not know the extent of this matter.

And she continued: I want to implement my brother’s will before his death when he said, “Keep my history.”


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