Klopp announces the end of Matip’s season with Liverpool


Advertise Jurgen Klopp The Liverpool manager has had a very shocking news about Joel Matip, after his injury against Tottenham Hotspur last week.

The English defender suffered the injury during a confrontation Tottenham Last Thursday, in the 20th round of the Premier League.

Klopp confirmed, in statements published on the official website a short while ago, that Matip will be absent from Liverpool until the end of the current season due to his ankle ligament injury.

Klopp said: “Unfortunately we have now discovered that Matip will miss Liverpool for the rest of the season, but he will be ready at the start of the pre-season for the new season, and in the end everything will be arranged.”

He added: “The season began and Matip was injured, unfortunately, we must not forget that he played to a large extent all the time with Schalke before moving to us, he had nothing, then he had no luck and suffered a severe injury against Napoli due to a challenge with Coulibaly two years ago.”

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And he continued: “When Van Dyck and Gomez suffered long-term injuries, we were waiting for the first moment when Matip was ready to participate.”

And he added: “Matip was not lucky because he presented a great challenge against Tottenham. He saved us at that moment when he won the challenge against Son Heung, but he injured his ankle and completed the match and he is now out of the season, so you can imagine how much he tried to stay on the field to help us.”

He concluded: “We will wait for him, he now has what is left of this season, then the summer, then the pre-season to prepare again, and he will be ready again.”


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