Learn the backstage of an autopilot on board


We hear about the term autopilot, and we don’t know how this technology works. This autopilot is not automatic as you might think. There is no robot sitting in the pilot’s seat and pressing the buttons while the real pilot takes a nap, rather it is just a flight control system that allows a pilot to pilot a plane without He put his hand down on command.

According to business insider, this mode allows the pilot to fly from New York to Los Angeles without pressing the controls for six consecutive hours.

But how does this technology work?

This technology works like a self-organizing system that interacts in a way that maintains balance, and uses a sensor to receive some type of data or input, then the system uses that data to continue working in a predetermined manner, and this setting is a lateral and vertical movement.

A modern automatic flight control system consists of three main parts: a flight control computer, several high-speed processors, and a series of sensors placed on various parts of the aircraft.

The sensors collect data from the whole plane and send it to the processors, which in turn tell the computer what it is.

There is a single, two and three-axis autopilot, depending on the number of parts they control, the single axis controls the wings, and the uniaxial autopilot is also called “wing plane” because it controls the roll of the aircraft and keeps the wings perpendicular to the ground.

The two axles handle everything that the single axis does, along with the elevators here, they move the plane like this, and then the computer tells robotic units what to do.

Servos are the little tools that really move parts, and all of those pieces come together to make sure your plane stays in the air.

The success of the autopilot depends on the knowledge of the actual human pilot. The autopilot easily accepts even irrational input, and the computer will try to fly with whatever is put into it, so if a mistake is made on the part of the human pilot, the autopilot may kill him.

In the event of errors, the pilot must turn off the system and turn it on again, or withdraw the circuit breaker if that did not work, and reprogram it to act on his own.


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