Learn the truth about the relationship of Kamal El Shennawi’s grandson and Hana Zahid after hijab


The artist Omar Al-Shennawi removed the veiled, veiled Zahid figure in the series “Sweet El-Donia Sukkar”, scheduled to be shown in February. Al-Shennawi published a video within the scenes of filming the series in which Zahid appeared in the veil, and it is part of the events of the story “Tell Ahmed”, which scriptwriter Iyad Saleh continues to write. It is co-starred by Omar El-Shenawy, and it is one of the nine stories of the series “Sweet Al-Dunia Sukkar”

Here Zahid also posted a video of her in the hijab and commented on it, saying: “Get the character of Maryam from the series Hilwa Al-Dunya Sukkar … from the most loved characters, Lord you like .. soon.” The video won the admiration of the audience through social media.

In the story “Tell Ahmed”, “Al-Shennawi” embodies the character of a businessman who meets the ascetic here, and many situations arise among them within the framework of the story, in which the ascetic embodies the role of a doctor working in the emergency department of a hospital, and one night she receives a businesswoman who came to the hospital after her exposure In a major accident, and before her death, this lady informs the ascetic here of a secret, which will change the course of her life, in a framework of suspense that combines romance and comedy.

The organizers of the series “Sweet Al-Dunia Sukkar” revealed to the audience the teaser poster for the work, in which his heroine here, Zahid, led with 9 characters, in preparation for showing it soon, and the most prominent character in the poster was the appearance of Hana Zahid in the hijab in an attractive and unusual form for the heroine of the work, to increase The enthusiasm of the audience waiting to see her in the hijab.

“Hilwa Al-Dunia Sukkar” .. a series whose idea revolves around 9 different stories, each story is shown in 5 connected episodes, and each story has a different work team in terms of writer and heroes, with the presence here of Zahid in all the stories with the events of the series, directed by Khaled Al-Halafawi and produced by Synergy and Karim Abu My memory, and the series includes a large group of honorary guests, and the authors of the nine stories were chosen, namely Iyad Saleh, Diaa Muhammad, Fedra Ahmed Al-Masry, Hisham Ismail, Hind Fayed, Muhammad Jalal, Ihab Blaybel, and Ayman Al-Shayeb, and the series will start showing this month. .


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