Live broadcast | Watch the Juventus and Inter Milan match today in the Italian Cup


The attention of Italian football fans is heading towards the San Siro stadium (Giuseppe Meazza) this evening, Tuesday, February 2, where an upcoming match between Juventus and Inter Milan will be held as part of the semi-final first-leg activities of the Italian Cup 2020/2021.

Soccer 365 will provide its followers with the service to watch the Juventus and Inter Milan match broadcast live today, with the start of the scheduled start whistle at 10:45 pm Mecca time, i.e. ten oclock Cairo local time, and the confrontation will be broadcast on YouTube YouTube by the Italian Federation Serie A with English comment .

A new summit and a renewed meeting between the two teams, but this time in the cup it will be completely different from the league championship, in nominally it is not divisible by two, so today in front of a fierce battle between the two Italian giants in an early final between the two parties.

Juventus, the team that presents a distinguished level this season, clashes with the stubborn Inter in a very sensitive role, and their meeting will be outside the home, as they will fight hard to come out with a positive result that will facilitate the qualification process for the next round of the first leg that will be on the ground.

The old lady realizes the opponent’s difficulty, but he reached this role with all worth and deservedness after crossing his heels in the quarter-finals role, to aim for his goal towards continuing the journey and will fight fiercely tonight to set foot in the final match of the tournament and settle matters in the return match, which will be the most exciting, because Juventus have been hungry to win the championship podiums, which have been absent from the club’s cupboards since 2017/2018.

On the other hand, Inter Milan is experiencing its best conditions this season, as it is presenting a very high level as it has finished its preparations for this battle with full strength and is ready to enter with full strength and deadly weapons that will be aimed at the intended goal of achieving victory.

Nerazzurri is the team that realizes the difficulty of the confrontation, although it is at the ground in San Siro, but the match will be different and very strong, but the team will try to use the ground factor to win the bet and put a foot towards the final match to facilitate the return match.

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