Luqman Salim: A Lebanese political activist, his assassination sparked anger and a torrent of accusations


The name of the Lebanese researcher and political activist Luqman Salim was on Twitter in Lebanon and the UAE, and the search for his name increased in search engines after he was found killed by a bullet in the head in his car in the Nabatiyeh region in southern Lebanon.

Lebanese researcher Luqman Salim


Continued civil reactions to the assassination, which the caretaker Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy described as a horrific crime, and said that he had contacted the leaders of the security services to follow up on the consequences of the assassination.

The news shook Lebanon, and some considered the killing of Luqman Salim a “return to the assassinations” that Lebanon had suffered in the past.

The matter raised concern that the assassination of Luqman Salim would not be an isolated incident, but rather the beginning of a series of assassinations of “opinion leaders.”

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