Luqman Selim: The Lebanese activist and publisher who paid for his positions


Luqman Steve

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Luqman Salim was killed in southern Lebanon

Today, the body of the Lebanese activist and publisher Luqman Salim was found in his car in southern Lebanon, shot dead.

Luqman Salim, who is from the Shiite community, is a writer and political activist opposed to Hezbollah, who had previously received death threats because of his positions and writing that reached the point of writing death threats on the walls of his home.

His sister Rasha Selim said, “Her brother was oppressed, loving, and modest, and people loved him, and his opponents lost a noble opponent who used to live among them and discuss them intelligently, logically, calmly and lovingly.”

She added, “This loss to all of Lebanon and killing is a lowly act, and it gives a false example to the world and that we kill those who oppose us with opinion, and murder is their only language, and the region in which a known person was killed and who was responsible left their silence.”

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