Manar asks for a villa to inherit from Shaaban Abdul Rahim … and his son: If she has papers, she would answer him


Issam Abdel Rahim, son of the late singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim, denounced the Lebanese singer Manar Hamzah’s claim to her right to her legacy after announcing that “Shaboula” had recommended her owning a villa of his own before his death. “Get married Lebanese”
Essam said to “Al-Watan”: What Manar Hamza raised is not unfounded, as her relationship with my father began when we collaborated together in a song titled “Lebanese Hatjaz”, and from then on they had a strong friendship, and my father considered her like his daughter.

He added: When she and her family used to come to Egypt, we used to receive them well, and vice versa when we traveled to Lebanon, we would find a great welcome from them there.


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