Member of the Zamalek Committee: Al-Ahly is going through a financial crisis .. Sassi will remain .. And you touched


12:54 AM

Wednesday 03 February 2021

Books – Abdel Qader Saeed:

Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the temporary committee for Zamalek club management, confirmed that Al-Ahly club is going through a financial crisis like the White Castle and all Egyptian clubs at the present time, according to what he described.

In statements to the “Al-Allaib” program on MBC Egypt, Abdullah said: “With my respect to the Al-Ahly club, I can confirm that it is going through a financial crisis like all Egyptian clubs, but I do not want to talk about Al-Ahly club. We respect others and focus on our club only.”

Ibrahim Abdullah added: “We are working on preparing a plan for Zamalek Club for financial sustainability and ending financial crises in the coming period, and all clubs will follow our path because Zamalek is the leading club and leader.”

A member of the Zamalek Committee continued: “Major General Imad Abdel Aziz made a great effort in the previous period to establish a stadium for Zamalek Club, and we do not announce anything before we finish all the procedures related to it, and we are working at the present time to develop the club’s resources.”

Ibrahim continued: “Zamalek club corrected the price path of players in the last winter transfer market, because among the causes of the clubs’ financial crises at the present time is the extremely high prices for players.”

And about Al-Abyad’s stumbling in the league by losing to Ghazl Al-Mahalla, Ibrahim said: “Zamalek does not bleed points as it is said. We are still in the top of the league so far, and the players are determined to win the championship to make Zamalek fans happy this season.”

Abdullah concluded by talking about the crisis of Ferjani Sassi’s contract renewal, saying: “Zamalek fans trust the player and the management of the club. We confirm that Ferjani will renew his contract and continue with Zamalek club, and the player has not previously announced that he will leave and the administration has not issued data on the non-renewal of the player.”


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