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Each of us seeks happiness, psychological comfort, and heart reassurance in order to live a good and comfortable life, without troubles and upsets as much as possible, and some are walking the right path leading to their psychological health, and others may stray in the streets and margins of life. He reckons himself and deceives her that she is happy.

The mental health of the individual is of utmost importance, so that he is an active element in his society, contributing to building his country, beneficial to his family, elevating himself, performing his duties, duties and tasks to the fullest, influencing others positively, and inspiring in souls hope, optimism, love of goodness, giving and giving. Mental health and heart reassurance are achieved by several factors and reasons, and a person must strive to achieve and achieve them, and the most important of which is that the person is close to his Lord by doing righteous things that bring him closer to his Creator, the Almighty, and distance from what He forbade him, and to recite the words of God a lot, ponder and act upon it And that he be entrusted with God in all his affairs, delegating his affairs to his Lord, believing and satisfied with his judgment; With this, the heartfelt tranquility and psychological comfort that every person needs is achieved.

Likewise, one of the reasons for achieving mental health is for a person to strive to increase knowledge and work, and to carry out all acts of righteousness, from honoring parents and kindness to his family, compassion for the young, reverence for the elderly, keeping away from the causes of grudges and hatred and avoiding the actions and words that lead to them.

I also urge dear parents and honorable mothers to pay attention to the mental health of their children, by taking care of them and inspecting their conditions, building confidence in their souls, giving them warmth and tenderness, and containing them with compassionate emotions, as this enhances in the family cohesion, intimacy and love and weaves in its surroundings a healthy atmosphere, heart comfort and psychological reassurance, and whenever Families were cohesive, strong community cohesion and more solid.

And I advise officials within the scope of work, to increase praise for their employees, hear them positive words and motivating phrases, and provide them with a positive environment by motivating them and providing all support that is in the interest of the work and the employee, the mental health and happiness of the employee is important in achieving the achievements and reaching the strategic goals planned In institutions.

Talking about this is lengthy and its many aspects are far reaching, and I conclude my article by saying: “Mental health is very important in all aspects of our life, so the individual must know the correct methods of collecting it, and most mental illnesses are due to the margins that the individual makes for himself and he must get rid of them and rearrange their priorities. And his goals and presents the most important and then the most important, so that he is satisfied with himself.



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