Michael Douglas remembers his father’s death with a picture of memories: “I can’t believe a year has passed without you”


The world actor Michael Douglas was keen to commemorate the first anniversary of the departure of his father, the late actor Kirk Douglas, after a full year had passed since his departure, as he passed away on February 5, 2020, and Michael Douglas published an old photo that he collected with his father to restore their memories together, and wrote in his commentary on the picture: “I cannot believe that a year has passed without you, after you left our world at the age of 103 years.”

Michael Douglas and his father
Michael Douglas and his father

On the other hand, the international star Michael Douglas had been keen – earlier – to celebrate the 40th birthday of his son, Cameron Douglas, during the recent period, as he posted a picture that brought them together through his personal account on the Instagram site, and wrote: “Happy Birthday Cameron, The year is quickly over, I wish you a lot of love and health. ”

Douglas made sure, several weeks ago, to congratulate the great director’s girlfriend, Ridley Scott, on his birthday, which corresponds to 30 November, when he shared his followers through his personal Instagram account, a photo they gathered from behind the scenes of filming a movie Black Rain Which they participated in a year 1989.

Douglas was also keen to celebrate the birthday of Danny DeVito, a friend of the American star, who turned 76 years old several weeks ago, by posting a picture that brings them together through his personal account on the Instagram site from the wheel of their memories in which they participated in many situations and adventures, sending him his special congratulations, saying: Happy birthday to my best friend, I wish you Danny a New Year. “

Douglas, his fans and followers, participated in his last appearance in weeks, while he was in the company of the giants of art and cinema in the world, through his personal account on the Instagram site, where he appeared with each of the international star Morgan Ferman, the world star Robert De Niro, and the world star Al Pacino.


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