Mohamed Henedy warns his son … and nice advice on the occasion of his 30th year!


The Egyptian star Mohamed Henedy shared his followers through the “Stories” feature attached to his account on the “Instagram” application, with new photos collected by his son Ahmed, and he sent him a funny warning.

Henedy appeared in the pictures with his young son, and attached it to a threatening message to him, in which he said: “You have the opportunity for two days to fly the girl on your head, otherwise he will shave you while you are sleeping” … so that his son responds to him in the same way, “Why that?” Liked it.

On the occasion of his birthday, Henedi published a second picture with Ahmed, and commented sarcastically: “Me and his father, Ahmed Henedi,” indicating that his son is taller than him.

On Monday, Henedi celebrated his 55th birthday in a funny way, and sent advice to his fans through a Facebook post in which he wrote: “Advice transmitted from unknown accounts on Twitter on the occasion of his 30 years of age.”

The first advice from Henedy is: “At the age of twenty, live your passion, and do things you love, renew your dreams that are left or that have been shattered, start working on yourself, stay away from anything that drains you energy without interest, so that comfort reaches thirty, God willing, sometimes.”

In another advice, he assured his fans that “they use oils for their skin after they reach the age of thirty, because the skin with age tends to dry out and lacks moisture.”

The audience interacted widely with Henedy’s funny comment, and he won the admiration of thousands of them, and comments wished him happiness.


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