Mohamed Henedy with his son Ahmed in his latest appearance on his birthday: “Papaya and I”


Today, the star Mohamed Henedy celebrates his 56th birthday, and Heneidy is one of the most famous comedy makers in the past years, and he has an imprint in many comedies that have achieved great success in cinema and drama.Henedi has published a new photo through his personal account on Instagram, to celebrate his birthday. On his own way.

Mohamed Heneidy and his son
Muhammad Huneidi and his son

Henedi appeared in the photo, which he took with his son, “Ahmed Heneidy”, to be his latest appearance on the occasion of her birthday, adding his sarcastic comment on the picture, saying, “Me and my father, Ahmed Heneidy,” indicating that his son is the tallest in the picture.

This comes after the star Mohamed Henedy interacted with his followers on the occasion of his birthday, when he directed advice to young people, especially at the age of twenty, through his account on the “Facebook” website, where he explained in a post that he would advise his followers to transfer the most prominent things he liked through unknown accounts..

Hanidi wrote in his comedic manner: “Today is my birthday, and today in appreciation of you I will give you advice transferred from unknown Twitter accounts on the occasion of my 30th birthday, and the first advice, advice at the age of twenty live your passion.”

And he continued: “Renew your dreams that have been lonely, or those that have been shattered. Start working on yourself far from anything that drains you energy without interest in order to reach a rest in the thirty, God willing, sometimes.”

Henidi made his debut in the world of cinematic championships in the late nineties with the film Saadi at the American University in a career that he continued with a long series of films, including Hammam in Amsterdam, Balila and his high brain, and his owner is with Ashraf Abdel Baqi.


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