Mohamed Mounir for Al Youm Al Sabea TV: Youssef Chahine will not work again to do cinema


King Muhammad Mounir revealed that the acting experience is being repeated now, and whoever blames and admonishes him, in his meeting with “The Seventh Day Television” with Amr Sehsah, head of the art department and two colleagues, Adel Abdullah and Manna Allah Yahya, saying: “I don’t have a problem. I repeat the acting experience now if I find it. The circumstances that work in this, but there is no Yusef Shaheen again and all the great people with whom I dealt are not available for these days, but I am ready to go through an ordinary acting experience. “

With his question about who is to blame and admonish him, King Muhammad Mounir said: “I blame every artist for a song that is pure in meaning and weak in its melody and lyrics, and weak in form and theme in its appearance. This is what hurts me very much and I wish them all success, O Lord.”

Regarding his honor on the seventh day, King Muhammad Mounir said: “You overwhelmed me with your generosity, and I cannot hide from anyone that the journalist writer Khaled Salah is one of my most close friends, and with his very love and love for the entire art liberation family in particular, and this honor gave me the feeling that I am still a love breath People, and I do not care about the enormity of the institution as much as I care about the individuals in it, so giving must be reciprocal. “

King Muhammad Munir concluded his speech by saying: “I have been through a health crisis during the recent period, and this will happen to everyone in life, but praise be to God, thanks to God Almighty first and foremost, and with your prayers, I have remained as a bump and will be married soon, God willing.”


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