“Mondo” continues to hit Messi and Barcelona and exposes the strangest terms of the half billion euros contract


The aftershocks of the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” still leaked a copy of the last decade signed by the Argentine Lionel Messi, Barcelona captain, with the Catalan team in 2017, and will continue until June of the current year 2021, which reveals that the legend obtained more than 555 million euros during this period, continuing inside the Catalan castle and its region.

And no voice is higher than the leak of the Spanish newspaper and the exciting details of Messi’s contract with Barcelona, ​​after the Argentine star signed a contract to obtain about 138 million euros per season, an amount divided between fixed and variable.

For its part, asked a newspaperBRAND Marca, Spain, on Tuesday, “Will Barcelona break the fair play law? The European Union may punish Barca because of Messi’s leaked contract, which confirms that Barcelona has violated the system.”

We monitor the strangest 7 conditions in the leaked Messi contract, according to leaks The world:

Messi’s contract with Barcelona asks him to learn the Catalan language.


– If the region of Catalonia gains independence, Leo Messi will be free and move from Barcelona for free.

– The millionth decade forces Leo Messi to openly admit that the coach can place him “in the most favorable position for the team’s condition”

Mondo is a guard
Mondo is a guard

No riding on a motorbike, jet ski, etc. ..

– He is not allowed to use.

– He cannot bet on any competition in which a Barcelona club is playing.

Mondo terms
Mondo terms

Integration into Catalan society and culture.

Maintaining the physical and athletic condition at the highest possible level.

Do not participate in risky activities.

Not using stimulants


According to the leaks, Messi gets, from the start of signing his contract in the 2017-2018 season until the end of his contract in June, more than half a billion euros, specifically 555.237.619 million euros, including the fixed salary of flea and image rights, in addition to a series of unpublished bonuses amounting to Its value is millions of allowances, and a series of other variables according to different goals.


The newspaper pointed out that Messi’s agreement with Barcelona included two clauses of the basic installments, as he received 115 million euros to agree to renew his contract, in addition to a 77 million euros loyalty bonus, noting that the Argentine star has received 92% so far of the financial dues agreed upon with Barcelona are on contract in 2017, despite the repeated failures of the Catalan team in the recent period.

Lionel Messi had decided to sue the Catalan newspaper, “Mundo Deportivo”, after leaking his legendary contract with Barcelona, ​​Spain, in addition to everyone who had knowledge of this file, headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu.


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