Moselhy: I am seeking to extend Ammar Hamdi’s loan, and Zamalek will not agree to Cisse’s continuation


Mohamed Moselhy, President of Al Ittihad of Alexandria, revealed his club’s plan to extend the loan of the duo Razzaq Cisse and Ammar Hamdy from the two Egyptian football poles, saying in a phone call to a program with Schubert on Radio On Sport FM, “The victory over the clearing team came completely in its time after great suffering with the Corona virus for many elements With the team, we decided to spend 2.5% of the frozen players’ dues so that they can manage their lives, but the dues remain frozen at 12.5% ​​of their total contracts according to the decision following the loss from El Gouna.

And Mohamed Moselhy added, “I agreed with Hussam Hassan and Ibrahim Hassan to completely release the dues upon reaching the tenth and eleventh matches in the league and achieving our goals during it and not before that. The players must be aware that we have done everything we have to achieve the goals of the fans and they must be as responsible and stand up. With us as we do not stand with them. ”

“I think Zamalek will not agree to extend the loan of Razzaq Cisse to the Federation again after his appearance at a very distinguished level, and all respect to the current or former Zamalek committee always stand with us and cooperate with us in the deals and Razak Sisse remains with us and certainly I seek to extend the loan at the earliest opportunity.”

He continued, “Ammar Hamdy loaned him to the Union for two seasons, and I seek to activate the contract for the other year in his contract so that he stays with us.

On Al-Ahly, Mohamed Moselhy said, “I was very happy to receive Al-Khatib and Al-Ahly in Qatar, something honorable and proud, and I wish the Red giant to present a good match tonight and beat Al-Duhail Al-Qatari, as he is the best representative of Egyptian football.”

Regarding basketball, Mohamed Moselhy said: “The loss of Al-Thaghr leader is not the end of the journey. The journey is still long, and Al-Ahly also stumbled in front of the pioneers, and there is a one-month pause. He is confident in the return of the master of the country to the leadership of basketball and resolving all titles in his favor, as usual.”

The Al-Ittihad Alexandria team, led by Hossam Hassan, succeeded in achieving a landslide victory over its host Egypt Al-Maqsah by four without a response in the meeting that was held at Othman Ahmed Othman Stadium in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar in the postponed match of the ninth round of the Premier League competition. Mohamed Al-Sabahi added the second goal in the 48th minute, then Razak Cisse scored the third and fourth goals in the 75th and 87th minute.

With this victory, Al-Etihad Al-Alexandria rises to the tenth place in the league table with 11 points, after playing 7 games, winning three games, drawing two matches and losing the same, and its players scored ten goals, and received his nets like them and still has three games postponed, while the balance of Egypt is frozen in ninth place with a score 13 points, after playing 10 games, winning 4, drawing in a match, losing 5 matches, and his players scored 11 goals and conceded 17 goals.


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