Mounir for Al Youm Al Sabea TV: Hatjouz Tani and Al Hob, let me choose sweet songs … Video


King Muhammad Mounir revealed the fate of love in his life, during his meeting on “The Seventh Day TV” with Amr Sehsah, Head of the Art Department, and the two colleagues Adel Abdullah and Mannat Allah Yahya, saying: “I don’t live without love. Every day I live a love story, because Love does many things for us and teaches us virtue and nobility in our lives. “

King Muhammad Mounir added during his interview with “The Seventh Day Television”: “Love is for me too. I choose a sweet song, and I do not care about me except that I make a sweet song, and I love all the songs that I have presented, and as long as the song is for the people and remains permissible for them, my relationship with them will be cut off.”

And El-King Mohamed Mounir continued: “I forget the woman in the presence of music, and the only need that you forget is because I walk music, and if someone wants to win me a musician, I am emotionally lucky and ask them why they are not lucky with me.”


He concluded: “I breathe in love and always my giving continues with love, and it happened a lot in my life that I loved, but I could not declare this appreciation and respect for her because the woman is my sister, my mother and my companion, and I got married once and came back, and she will marry another normal.”


King Mohamed Mounir continues to release the songs of his new album, “Bab Al-Jamal”, which contains songs other than Bab Al-Jamal, namely: “Fink Ya Habibi” from the words and composed by Abdel Aziz Zain Al-Abidin and distributed by Amir Mahrous, “Ana Raik”, the words of Noureddine Mohamed Composed by Ahmed Ammar and distributed by Usama Al Hindi, “Zouk” lyrics by Magdy Naguib, composed by Wajih Aziz, and arranged by Roman Bunka, “Matter of Age” written by Salah Fayez, composed by Hany Shenouda and distributed by Roman Bunka. The album will be presented across all music and social media platforms.










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