Mourinho called “the coolest” player of the last twenty years


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Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho said winning the Champions League is not a condition for considering the coach or player to be great.

In support of his theory, the Portuguese coach cited the Milan striker, Swedish veteran Zlatan Ibrahimovic as an example.

“Winning it means making history, but there are great coaches who have not done that. Sometimes it can happen to footballers as well,” said the coach, nicknamed “the shrewd”, in comments highlighted by the Italian newspaper “La Gazzetta Dello Sport”. For me, Ibrahimovi was the most amazing player of the last 20 years. ”

He added, “He is still a great player despite the fact that he is 39 years old and has never been able to win the Champions League. It could happen, but this (not winning the Champions League) does not mean that you are not a great coach or an exceptional player.”

He continued: “Winning the Champions League takes the coach to the next level, because he is a success in the most glorious tournaments.”

It is noteworthy that the 58-year-old Mourinho won the Champions League twice as a coach, and he previously supervised Ibrahimovic’s training in Manchester United, and also in Inter Milan for a short period.



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