Murtaji: We will not think about Bayern … and the Auckland withdrawal had a negative effect


Khaled Mortaji, a member of Al-Ahly’s board of directors, affirmed that the reception his team received in Qatar in preparation for the FIFA Club World Cup reflects the overwhelming popularity of his team.

In statements to Ontime Sports, Murtaji indicated that the tournament is witnessing very strict precautions for fear of any team being affected by infection with the Coronavirus.

Murtaji said: “Things in Qatar are very tight. We are in a hotel surrounded by three walls and it is forbidden to pass them by anyone. Everyone here fears any infection with Corona during the tournament, which will affect it.”

He continued: “The withdrawal of Auckland from the Club World Cup caused a 50% reduction in the FIFA Club World Cup awards. Now the sixth-placed winner will get one million dollars, and the champion will get five million instead of 10 million.”

He added: “We will not think of Bayern Munich now. We want to cross the Al Duhail meeting first and this is our first focus, and after we pass it we will think about the German team that we faced before in a friendly match and the performance was great during it.”

He concluded: “The great reception witnessed by the team’s mission from the fans in Qatar, and the sweeping love for Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the club, places a responsibility on the players who want to embed themselves in history like those who preceded them.”

It is worth noting that Al-Ahly will open its FIFA Club World Cup campaign next Thursday with a confrontation with Al-Duhail, Qatar – the tournament’s host -, where the winner will qualify to meet Bayern Munich in the semi-final round.


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