Musimane talks about … the FIFA Awards … Training in Europe


Petso Musimani, coach of the first team at Al-Ahly club, said Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head of the Red Castle, is similar to Kenny Dalglish, the legend of Liverpool, adding that the opportunity to train Africans in Europe is subject to several considerations.

During an interview the South African coach had with the “CNN” news network, the latter described him as Pep Guardiola Africa.

Musimani began his dialogue by talking about assuming the technical task for Al-Ahly, and said: “It is always impossible until someone does it.”

He added: “Have you ever thought in our time that South Africa could have a brown-skinned president like Nelson Mandela? .. This is an amazing story.”

He continued: “Can you believe that someone from a town like me from a humble environment could be the first person to win the African Champions League in South Africa? Then win twice and become the coach of the year on the continent.”

Al-Ahly coach talked about Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president and his legend, and said: “He is a legend. Al-Khatib is like Kenny Dalglish, a legend of Liverpool … he trusted me and proved that he was right .. We won the CAF Champions League title.”

Musimane admitted that it may have taken a long time for the South Africa coach to be appointed outside the country. “I don’t want to talk much about why, in the end it happened,” he said.

He continued: “I came here (Al-Ahly) because of the titles that I won with Sundowns, and because I defeated Al-Ahly and Zamalek, the best two teams in Egypt … They knew me well … They know my name .. It has nothing to do with color or politics.”

Moussemiani commented about the exclusion of Africans from the list of candidates for the FIFA Awards, and said: “FIFA must take into account coaches from outside Europe because these are global awards, the African Union (CAF) must press for the creation of a more comprehensive shortlist of coaches, players and clubs.”

Asked if he could become the first African to move from the continent to train in Europe, he said: “Is this a possibility? Yes, we must be realistic to say that Europe does not have many African coaches.”

And he added: “I think that a doctor from South Africa is the same doctor who is in Europe, an architect in South Africa is an architect in Europe, I do not understand when it comes to training football, why these things are seen differently.”

He added, “Things can change, but first you must accept Europe and give opportunities to Africans born in Europe, before we can talk about getting an opportunity .. so the road is long.”

Musimani concluded, “Never underestimate anyone with black skin from South Africa.”


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