Musimane: The Bayern Munich match is “not a coaching job” … we achieved our goal in the World Cup


Betso Mosimane, coach of the first team at Al-Ahly club, expressed his desire to make a strong show against Bayern Munich, Germany, in the Club World Cup, indicating that he is focusing on the technical aspects a lot during the preparations.

Musimani said during his statements to Al-Ahly TV: “A match like Bayern Munich does not need a lot of work, because the issue is not just playing plans (and employing a coach), no, there are individual energies and players’ skills that can be decisive greatly, (no matter how much you remember and work is not enough).” .

He added, “We worked on technical matters in the Al-Duhail match, and we memorized the skills of the Al-Duhail players and their movements, and now we repeat that with Bayern Munich, (but we do not need to crack ourselves with these words because they have individual skills)”

He continued: “If we think and count a static account, we will not sleep because this is a team that won Barcelona 8-2 in the presence of Messi.” Our goal was to reach the semi-finals, and we achieved the goal. He has the best players in the world. “

South Africa continued: “We are moving in our club career step by step. At the beginning we were looking forward to winning the African Champions League in order to participate in the World Cup, which was achieved, and then we started thinking about winning over Al Duhail at the opening of the journey in order to confront Bayern, and today we are.” Facing a new challenge. “

Mosimane added: “I hope to face Bayern Munich wearing our red shirt, and we are waiting for the support of our fans on the stadium to make a strong showing against Bayern.”


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