Musimani before facing Al Duhail in the World Cup: Today begins the 11-day challenge for the World Cup


Al-Ahly is preparing to play the first match of the second round of the FIFA Club World Cup in Qatar, in front of the Qatari Al-Duhail, scheduled for next Thursday, and in this context, the South African coach, Betso Musimini, Al-Ahly’s technical director, wrote his tweet via his personal account on the “Twitter” website, in which he said, “It starts Today he challenged 11 days for the World Cup … We will play against Al Duhail, the Qatari champion, in the second round of the World Cup, February 4, 2021. “

Musimani tweeted on Twitter
Musimani tweeted on Twitter

This comes after South African coach Pitso Musimini, Al-Ahly’s technical director, confirmed that preparing to face Al-Duhail in the FIFA Club World Cup is no different from any other match the red team plays, stressing that the preparation for the Al-Duhail match is like any match in the league or Africa, and he said in statements to Al-Ahly channel: “Injuries are part of the game, but the injuries suffered by Al-Ahly players have been repeated since my arrival to train the red team, and the reason for this is due to the pressure of the matches and that every player wants to participate in all confrontations and when he feels pain in the back muscle he continues playing until he is injured, we will try in the coming period Finding more solutions to these injuries. “

Musimani added, the pre-match programs have become different from the past, so you saw Al-Ahly players watching the Al-Duhail Qatari matches while traveling from Cairo to Doha to study the team well, and before that this was the technical director’s job only, indicating that Al-Duhail is a strong and dangerous team and has a strong offensive line. A very special couple from Brazil, and high-level defenders like Mahdi Benatia, the former Juventus player..

He continued, I warned Al-Ahly players from Al-Duhail, and we must play hard against Al-Duhail and be in top focus and provide a distinguished performance so that we can achieve victory, and when I took over Al-Ahly training 4 months ago, they were asking me to win the African Champions League, then the Egypt Cup, and now the Club World Cup, and this is something. Natural, and about facing Bayern Munich in the semi-finals, he said: “People talk about the Bayern Munich match, but how will we play against Bayern if we don’t win against Al Duhail?”

And he sent a message to the Al-Ahly player saying, “I tell the Al-Ahly players always to give your everything during this strong tournament, which includes teams with a high technical level and huge budgets, Al-Ahly is not less than these teams and the club’s value and its global image is very large.” And he explained: “I told the players that all The Egyptians support them because we represent Egypt, and also all the fans of Africa encourage them in the FIFA Clubs World Cup.


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