Myanmar … a girl performs exercises documenting moments of the army seizure of power (video)


A sports trainer in Myanmar posted a video clip performing a number of exercises, coinciding with the fact that army soldiers blocked a road in “Naypyidaw”, the capital of Myanmar, during the military coup that took place on Monday.

The girl has previous clips while she is doing physical exercises in which the street appears free of military barriers. The girl posted it on her Facebook account to respond to her critics.

And the military leadership in Myanmar announced the dissolution of the country’s government and the arrest of 24 ministers and their deputies, the day after the military coup carried out by the army.

A statement published by TV channels in Myanmar stated that the country’s military leadership has appointed 11 ministers to manage the country’s affairs as a first step. He pointed out that the military leadership has currently appointed ministers for the Treasury, Information, Foreign Affairs, Defense, Border Security and Interior.

Army leaders carried out a military coup, at dawn on Monday, during which senior state leaders were arrested, including Wayne Myint, the country’s president, and the leader of the ruling National League for Democracy Party, Chancellor Aung San Sochi.

The coup coincides with the first scheduled session of the House of Representatives that emerged from the recent legislative elections, the second to take place since the end of military rule in 2011.

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