Nader Al-Sayed: Noir cannot be compared to Al-Shennawi


Nader Al-Sayed, the goalkeeper of the national team and the former Al-Ahly and Zamalek clubs, refused to compare Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawi with the German Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, in response to Tariq Suleiman, the goalkeeper coach of El Shennawi, over Neuer.

Al-Sayed said in televised statements: “Noir is a giant goalkeeper with great talent, but his comparison with Al-Shennawi is unfair, especially since the level of competition in which each goalkeeper plays is different from the other, and the Egyptian League cannot be compared to the German League.”

The former Egyptian goalkeeper added: “Al-Shennawi is a distinguished talent in goalkeeping and offers great levels, but it is difficult to compare him with Nuer.”

On the Ashimbong crisis with Zamalek, the Ghanaian player’s agent said: “Ashimbong always escapes from his agreements and pledges, and he had a three-year prison sentence if some did not intervene to solve this crisis.”

Nader Al-Sayed continued: “At first Ashimbong gave up his dues to Zamalek, then he returned in his words and assigned his lawyer to claim these dues in the International Federation, but the International Federation ruled in favor of Zamalek, so the lawyer decided to transfer the matter to the Sports Court, and in the first session the officials of Zamalek did not attend, which led to imposing A fine for them, and due to inaction, the fines accumulated until they reached one million and 100 thousand dollars, which is the value of fines and not the player’s dues, as some say“.

Nader Al-Sayed said: “My position is 100% correct, and this is what the Egyptian Football Association approved, and Zamalek is wronged in this case, and it is not permissible at all to accuse me or accuse anyone of Zamalek, especially since all of them are advisors and at the highest level of ethics.”“.

Al-Sayed concluded, “Had it not been for the laziness of some Zamalek club officials in following up on the case, the player would not have received any dues, and I believe that the crisis will end if Zamalek pays dues ranging between 200 and 400 thousand dollars.”


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