Neuer before facing Al-Ahly: One thing differs in the World Cup matches from the rest of our confrontations


Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer revealed one difference between his team’s FIFA Club World Cup matches and the rest of the confrontations in other competitions, before the start of the Bavarian tour in the World Cup from February 4 to 11 in the Qatari capital, Doha.

Bayern Munich will face Al-Ahly in the semi-finals of the FIFA Club World Cup next Monday at the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in the Qatari capital, Doha.

“The only difference in a tournament like the Club World Cup is that you do not know the players in advance, so you have to look at the shirt number to determine the identity of the players and their positions,” Neuer said in statements published on the official website of Bayern Munich.

The winner of the Best Goalkeeper award in the world added: “What do I know about opponents and their attackers during matches? How players act in individual situations, the methods of corner kicks, free kicks, penalties, etc. I try to find out everything.”

He continued, “I have a user guide in my head, and the reaction should differ in different situations. Sometimes, I communicate quickly and with only indications to Tony, the goalkeeper coach when a new player enters the pitch.”

He continued: “For me, the analysis we do before the matches is sufficient. I always follow the players as they perform the warm-up operations and keep all the information in my head. It’s not without complexity, and sometimes it is all in vain. You can’t expect everything, and this is dangerous.” (Smiles) “.

Neuer received a question in an interview with “51” magazine, in its content: “I have said before that a goalkeeper should be involved in the making of play – is this an aspect that has been developed in modern football? Or is a necessary duty of the goalkeeper?”

Neuer replied, “It depends on the coach’s philosophy and the way the team plays, but we have come to see many teams building on from the back line, and if any team takes this approach, their goalkeeper must be good at passing and moving to receive the ball.”

He concluded: “This is important for me, and I think that my role with Bayern is not limited to tackling the balls. It is always said that the striker is the first defender, and today I say that the goalkeeper should be the first attacker.”


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